A HUGE thank you to all who have supported us so far. You are all amazing. Thanks

for being on board.

Poseidon: $1000-9,999:
Gary Green
Patricia and Terry Fiske
Michael and Janet Fleming
Lynn and Richard Carroll-Jones
Wendy Merritt
The Parkers
Kristen Smith

Sea Captain: $250 - $999:
Kristine Dillon 
Gina & Mitchell Dustin
The Fofonoffs
George and Duffy Ftikas 
Carol Ingram
Dale Kaufman
Jinx and Art Lindenauer
In Memory of Richard B. Parker
Jeanne & Richard Porter
Anne Marie Segal
Judith Torop
Julia Wong

Sailor: $100 - $249:
Jill Anthony 
Christopher Armao
Jessie Backe
Peter Borzotta  
Edward M. Boyer  
Ardith Coleman
Cheryl Damiani
Sanford K. Dawson
William and Phyllis Dawson
Wendy Ellis
Yvonne Ghareeb
Frances Gonzalez
Michael Graziano 
John and Katie Greenman
Megann Head
William B. & Karen M. Huff
Thomas and Karla Kirinovic
Jennifer Koza
Cyndi & Michael Kumor
Monica Jakuc Leverett
Adrian Li Donni
Bob & Penelope Lohr
Dana Mooney
Maria Panero
Elizabeth Parker 
Nell Parker
Alex Roe
Chris Silcox
Fred & Angelica Smith
Katherine Smith
Ruth Van Beek
Amy Wilkin

Anchor: $0 - $99:
Dean Amato
Bonni Backe 
Bob Barton
Cathy Beckman
Arturi Bello
Nicole Benisch
John Berg
Michael Bernstein
Stephanie Bonner 
Howard Brody
Jill Brody
William Chappel
Gregory and Marcy Chirdon
Cody Clark
Kendall Cornell
Wesley Curtis
Michelle Damigella
Jordan Danis
Eric Desnoyers
Sheira Feuerstein 
Connor Finnegan
Ann Fisher
Sigrid H Freese
Alan Friedman
Annie and Steve Frye
Aaron Gaines
Molly Gilman
Theodore Graham  
Alice Grindling
Jennifer Gartner
Matthew Healy
Ellen Katz & Paul C. Hirschberger
Carrie Hrichak
Kathleen Huber
Roy Hyunjin Han
Adam Ioele
Jason Jacobs
Gregory Johnson
Norah Johnson
Aaron Kapner
The Karpinskis
Sam Kasuk
Dean and Dorothy Kaufman
Daren Kelly
Stacey Kelleher 
Michael Lapp
Mike Leigh
Casandera Lollar
Mary Looram
Sara Mahoney
Mike Mele
David and Amanda Meyer
Alessandro Miro
Victor Mpog
Patrick Mulryan  
Rori Nogee
John Parrilla
Catherine Paula  
Alex Perone
David Pleva
Teresa K. Pond
Elisa Pupko
Justin Quackenbush
Amanda Rakestraw 
Patricia & Don Renn
David Rigano
Chris Riggi 
Cheryl Riordan
Sagan Rose
Ariel Rosen-Brown
Sam Ross
Jacquelyn M. Sand
Aidan Sank
Megan Sass
Gavriel Savit
Julian Schwartz
Kathleen A. Shelton 
Joe Thristino 
Daaby Tingle
The Tingle/ Cunninghams 
Marko Tomic
Kara Townsend 
Jillian Wallach
Ellen White
Anthony Wicks
Matt Williamson
Zachary Wolek
John Wolf
Nina Woolston
Nichole Yannetty
Vanessa Dunleavy Yeaton
Nicole Hakim and Chris Yohn  
Pamela Zambrano

Special thanks to our matching fund The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Special thanks to: Paige Greenwood, Rachel Charlop-Powers, Stephanie Bonner, Space On White,

Aaron Gaines, Kyle Schaefer, Alan Langdon, Anything But Costumes, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS:

Tom VIola, Carol Ingram, Yvonne Ghareeb, Fab Cafe, Circle In the Square Theatre School: Paul Libin, E.

Colin O’Leary, Dale Kaufman, Jean Kim, Wendy Merrit, The TDF Costume Collection.


Donor Spotlight:



                                                                            Poseidon Donors: Patricia and Terry Fiske

SOS: Tell us a little bit about yourselves:

The Fiskes: Patricia grew up in Maine, Terry in Wyoming.  Patricia retired as an international advertising executive and Terry as an attorney specializing in natural resources law.  They find that their differences enlivens their conversations and experiences.  Their likeness is in their commitment to serve others, especially troubled youth, and one another.  

SOS: What impact has the arts made on you and your life? 

The Fiskes: The arts have inspired and refined our appreciation of the greater richness of life, beyond the tasks of living.

SOS: Why donate to SOS when there are so many other wonderful organizations out

there to support?

The Fiskes: In the beginning we admired Kristin, Whitney and Eric’s concept of escape, truth and change; their commitment to excellence, and their courage in taking the risk to ‘make it happen’ for themselves and their audience.  We want to encourage and nourish this fresh, imaginative new source of art and applaud their success as SOS produces staged readings of new plays and goes into its third season. 

SOS:What's your favorite thing you've seen with SOS or your favorite moment you've had with us?

The Fiskes: Terry was on the edge of his chair when he experienced the power and message of the SOS production of The Crucible.  Patricia, who viewed Romeo and Juliet as a tragic story that ultimately built relationships struggled with a new interpretation of rapscallion teenagers after seeing the SOS production. 

SOS: What's your favorite play?

The Fiskes: We have a tough time with this question.  Patricia likes plays that reframe her thoughts and insights.  Terry feels that life offers so many treasures, there can be no favorites for him in any category…and there need not be.